How matching works

Match properties & contacts

Matching works in two directions; you can start from a property, or from a contact.

Find contacts for a property

If you match from a property, you will find all contacts that may be interested in the property.

From here, you can Mail All Matches, or contact someone individually.

Follow the Step By Step Guide

Find properties for a contact

Got a contact that is desperate to find a home? You can select matching properties and send them to a contact.

Follow the Step By Step Guide

When do a contact and property match?

We automatically match properties and contacts based on a.o. Type, Location, and Price details.

The overview below explains why your property and Mr. Sweep match.


PropertyMr. Sweep
House For SaleHouse For Sale
Property and transaction type should be an exact match.


PropertyMr. Sweep
Some Street
New York
United States
The entire world
The location of the property should fall in the area of the Location Preference of the contact.


PropertyMr. Sweep
31 or more
The property should have at least the amount of bedrooms the contact is looking for. More bedrooms are okay.


PropertyMr. Sweep
$530,000$0 – $25,000,000
The price of the property should fall within the contact’s budget range.

What’s next?

As you enter more properties and contacts into SweepBright, matches will come naturally. Good luck!